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Do you have Safety Meetings

Safety meetings are a perfect opportunity for you to
communicate any safety ideas or concerns that you may have.
Participate in your safety meetings.
 If you don't participate then your ideas will not be heard.
Who knows,
 the idea that you have may very well save your co-worker's
life or even your own!


Accidents result from unsafe acts or unsafe conditions. For a variety of reasons, unsafe acts typically account for 90% of all accidents, according to some experts. Safety meetings serve as a preventative measure against unsafe acts by educating employees on how they can do their job safely.

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And Follow up MSHA Safety Meetings

 Their is a Company, Great Western Painting That has one of the best safety web sites
 for their safety programs.  

Great Western Painting Industrial and Commercial  Paintings of Serving the U. S. A.
 Water Towers -Tanks - Hotels Chemical plants - High Rises - Structural Steel



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Simples rules prevent accidents

* Seat belts shall be worn by equipment operators, No riders Holding on side.
* Do Not Use Machinery, equipment, and tools used beyond design
* Obey Barricades and Warning signs
* Always Wear
Safety belts and lines. / In good condistion NOT FRAYING
* Following  ALL OSHA & MSHA Rules & Regulations
* Report any unsafe conduct on site.
* All equipment must meet OSHA Standards.
* Listen to those with experience
* Watch for potential hazards / Anticipate problems / Be Alert
* Cell Phone Off while engaged in dangerous work situations

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